I have traveled more in the last 3-4 weeks than I have in the last couple years and it has been interesting. Family vacations with unexpected emergency returns to town for family illnesses, unexpected out of state clients dropping in town or other true (not crying wolf) business emergencies. Also traveling for exciting business opportunities (more in the next few months).

I touched on California in my last blog post so today I’ll wrap up a few more things I think you will enjoy or benefit from:

1) Developed and learned some really new “stuff” and concepts that will help your business. Programs, workshops, special offers will be rolling out in the next few months. The final quarter of this year should be BOOMING !

2) They tell me California weather is GREAT ! I only saw it from and to the airport and a ten second break one day. Maybe next visit, someone will adopt me and show me everything they brag about! ( I even missed seeing the California girls- Da*n!)

3) My Town car driver discussed another safe topic on the way back to the airport-how my children will suffer for the next 20 years and how the world will run out of food by 2020.

4) An interesting plane ride home. I’m not big on window seats but that is all I could get on the flight home. I knew I was in trouble when I saw an empty window seat about where my seat should have been. Next to me in the center seat sat a gentleman who admittedly weighed in at 380 pounds! Now folks Doug is hovering about 275 now a days so.. The situation became comical when a buddy of the gentlemen next to me boarded, sat in front of me and was an extra 75-100 pounds heavier than his friend. We told everyone if the anyone got us PO’d we would yell ” lean left”!

4) My puppy Annabelle was waiting for me at the front door when I got back home. Mary Ann, my wife, said she (Annabelle not Mary Ann) had been camped out there since I left. Awe ! (picture of Annabelle below)

5) I had a big pizza when I returned from the Coach one of my favorites spots!(no guacamole)!

6)My cell phone gacked out about 10 times once I was back in Detroit. I never had a problem in California or any of the connecting cities! AT&T 4G in Metro Detroit is God awful !

7) Ooops, a little out of order but at the shuttle bus (Qwik Park) at Metro Airport in Detroit, a couple had the biggest two guerilla suitcases I have ever seen. I thought the driver would be singing soprano after handling them twice and yet his tip was a handful of pocket change ! Ugh !

8) Jet lag stinks–I’m out of here !

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