This week’s stars are very special to me but we are always looking for STARS to be nominated and recognized !! Let me know if you have any special stars of the week and what the special things they did for you or others.

Off to center ice for this week’s 3 stars!

1) Chris Widener- One of the top leadership coaches around and a special guest on this week’s Missing Power radio show. Check out Chris’s interview here

Lots of good content by Chris. Don’t forget to download and check out soon !

2) Derek Freund-Glazer-Kennedy South East Michigan Guru- Derek works his butt off for his members and is always full of very helpful marketing tips. With Bill Glazer retiring, I know you will be hearing a lot more of Derek. Here is his No B.S. of Michigan site:

3) Ed Swanson-Mayor of Madison Heights-Ed recently reinstated the Fall Fest at the Nature Center. Hayrides, a petting zoo, cider, donuts, music, woodcarvers and more. The City due to budget cuts, couldn’t sponsor this event but Ed asked for donations and pledged to personally cover any shortfall. I know about 1,000 folks attened this popular event. Thanks Ed !

All together now–bang your sticks on the ice for these great STARS !!!