I don’t know what else to call it !

Elections are over a month a way and my phone and mail box and TV has been bombarded with political LIES.

Both parties-Democrats & Republicans.

Why do we need 15 weeks of this nonsense.

Campaign literature that says nothing, promises the moon, and bad mouths the opponent.

Phone calls that tell you nothing what the candidate will do but what an “ass” the other guy is !

Find out what George Washington and Abe Lincoln did wrong that is causing all the problems we have TODAY.

Cast your vote for who is the smaller jerk !

That seems to be our screwed up political system. Most agree it’s broke but yet it never seems to change.

We all operate under personal systems that are out and out screwed up, but few of us change.

No one likes change but …. it has to happen.

It’s not easy. I’ll even say it’s tough. So let’s get tough and change.

What part of your “system” needs a change. What do we keep saying to ourself that I’ve got to get to. I need to change. I need to improve ??

When will you commit and start the change.

Election BS is 15 weeks. Think of the changes you could make, the goals you could meet in 15 weeks.

It’s time to get tough, get going, and take some action.

Do it today, don’t wait !

Expect more. Expect more from yourself. Expect more from the pesky politicians.

Demand more.

Believe more.

Smile more.

Enjoy more !