Last week our vacation plans disappeared and the reappeared in the form of lemons. Mary Ann and I have been trying and trying to sneak up North and one thing after another has held us back.

We finally in INK promised ourselves a quiet week (well as quiet as you can with a new puppy) and the lemons attacked once again. We were to leave Friday night after work but delayed our departure to Saturday morning to celebrate a couple family birthdays (Kathy & Shane). That was OK ! We then found out daughter Pam was moving a week early so we would now leave Sunday. Saturday night after a long shower and a quick dinner out after helping with the move, we collapsed on the couch and I think we kinda sorta watched TV. At 11 pm as I reached to shut the TV off, Mary Ann’s cell phone goes off. 11PM probably NOt good news.

Mary Ann’s 87 year old Dad was in a panic as MOM was having chest pains–what should he do.

A 911 call later we spent the night in the emergency room. Early Sunday morning we find out her heart is fine but she has an obstruction somewhere–bowel, intenstine, etc. Late Wednesday after a good scare, all is well and Mom comes home.

We pack Thursday AM to head North and pack up in rain storm. Now mind you here in Michigan it hasn’t rained in a month!!! It then rained most of visit up North.

Even with these lemons tossed our way, I made Margaritas ! (I wish literally !)

Here are 10 “neat” things that made our long week end:

1) The challenge of making a a campfire with wood that was rained on for 3 days.(did it !)
2) Privacy–no one came out of their homes or cottages for a couple days.
3) Thinking time–life slowed down.
4) Adult time–just Mary Ann and sister Kathy
5) Woodcarved a little every day !
6) Watched a “deep” movie-Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Tom
Hanks about 9-11)
7) Played 9 holes and practiced–didn’t compete, didn’t keep score–we all need time NOT to compete
8) A good pee in the woods! (sorry ladies and guys, you know what I mean !)
9) Read two books cover to cover
10) Went topwater fishing and watched the sunset and it was so quiet I only heard the plop, plop of my lure.

None of this is extremely exciting but was much needed, appreciated and enjoyed !