Last weekend I heard from 4-5 friends, 4-5 old clients and a couple possible new coaching clients who ALL hated their current jobs.

They B*tched in anger for a very long time.

They all had laundry lists a mile long about what was wrong with their jobs, how they were being disrespected and the crappy attitude supervisors handled them with on a daily basis.

The prior weekend–same thing happened.

And the week before .


My God, folks are miserable.

People are talking about retiring, looking for a new job or giving up. Many think today’s generous public assistance is more attractive than working their asses off.

Business owners that I work with don’t have much of a better attitude.

It can be ugly out there, but, it doesn’t have to be.

If you know how the game is played, you can adjust and win the game.

Right ?


Here are the five main reasons folks feel the way they do in today’s workforce.

1) Breach of Homage- Employers look at employees as a disposable commodity. They are plastic bottles to toss away, they are a pair of daily contacts to wear and toss, they are $2 rain ponchos to use just once and then get a new one for the next rain storm. Companies are so big, they don’t care about what type of lifestyle their employees have. They probably don’t know what type of lifestyle they have. Their is a HUGE surplus of workers. Employers love the take it or leave it attitude. They can leverage when there are hundreds of others that want your job. We hear of all the immigrants both legal and illegal in out country. We the taxpayers support many and the job market is flooded with available workers. Our veterans that return home after protecting our behinds, have trouble finding a job. Especially something that pays some real money.

2) Super-sized Organizations–Companies look like McDonald’s french fries–they keep making them bigger and bigger. Bigger generally means more confusion bad service, and more customer/client complaints. When was the last time you went to the Secretary of Sate office, flew on any airline, tried to get your cable TV fixed and didn’t have grumpy , clueless people really  trying to help you ? Customer service sucks ! If you have monopoly or a big fat part of a market , you can make money by out an out crappy, rude service.

3) Buying Habits- today the majority of goods and services are ordered on the internet. You talk to a computer. If you do go to a brick and mortar store, it is only to check and touch and feel something before you go back home and price shop. You will order what you need from any location in the world if it is the cheapest ! Right ? You never talk to a person unless there is a problem. If there is, see number 3 above !

4) Expectation Shift-It isn’t the wild, wild west out there. The old shoot ’em out days was if you gave me the most $$, I’m all yours. Mercenaries ? Maybe, but that was the rule in the wild, wild west. Today, folks want a little respect, a little love, a couple smiles and they will take a few less dollars in their paychecks. They want a little flexibility to enjoy their families. If they don’t have this , they HATE their jobs ! Get it ?

5) Misery loves Competition- with the “unhappy bunch” people love to prove they are more miserable than you are. They look at it as a competition. The Super Bowl of misery. I want to win the contest. Sad, yes–but it is real.

Life, doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s the first thing we address when I work with business owners .

Being unhappy, miserable—- just aren’t tolerated.

Life is so much more precious.

Find out the rules to happiness, profits and success.

Play the game, but be sure you win !