If you are in any business than you have made a marketing mistake and hopefully, you learned from it.

For those of you who follow my blog or newletter, you know my wife Mary Ann and I have been puppy shopping. Dog breeders are indeed a “breed” in themselves.

We are looking for a female Corgie. More specifically, a Welsh Pembrooke Corgi. Very specific but being specific helps you buy or helps you buy what you in the market for.

I contacted one breeder who needs marketing 101 to help sell her puppies. This is a short excerpt from a series of terse emails when I responded to an ad:

Doug-I am looking for a female Corgi puppy, do you have any left ?
Breeder- I have puppies
Doug- Do have a female ?
Doug- Sorry, I don’t understand would you explain what this means ?
Breeder-Yes ( I had no idea what the heck this meant !)
Doug- Would you please let me know if you have a female puppy, facts about the puppy, your location,perhaps a picture, cost etc.
Breeder- Busy for the next few days

Interesting hard sell isn’t it ??

I hope your marketing ALWAYS tops this but most of all this a reminder to view all of your marketing efforts from the customer’s viewpoint. We all know our business, our product and I think many times shortcut and ASSUME our customer is an expert just like us.

You don’t ever want to talk down to your customers but we always need to be sure we supply enough information to ensure we are fulfilling their needs and wants.

I’m still puppy hunting and still talking to this breeder. Stay tuned for perhaps, part 2 !!