I’ve been thinking about posting this blog for awhile. I hate to discuss what to me is the obvious but to far too many a point they just don’t get.
Day in .
Day out.
I hear -things are scary.
Things are bad.
I don’t know what to do.

The TV, the radio, my bartender, my barber all tell me things stink and they sure don’t look like they will get any better .

The sky is falling !!

The sky is falling !!

Do you know what I mean ??

Are there quick fixes?? Nope !! Can Doug fix it all?? Nope !!

Are things crappy out there ? Yup if you believe it and frankly — many optimistic folks would tell you times are challenging.

How do we fix this??

First, keep your head in the game. Read, listen , watch for opportunities. Watch for adjustments to be made. Watch your thinking.

I have worn a wristband for over 4 years that has the initials W.A.I.T. . This stands for -“what am I thinking”. It helps me often-too often to turn my thinking back in a direction that will help me excel.

You may not have a wristband but you do have to watch any negative thinking and dwelling on it. You need to help me spread the word , spread the attitude.

This is a small part of my coaching but a part that often is the place to start.

I need help in spreading this attitude, this belief.

Can I count on you ???