How often are were approached with the latest business opportunity, told we are doing something wrong at work or some other aspect of our life or have some expert on TV tell us how something in the world MUST be ?

I’m not sure why these folks think they have the right or influence to jump in a set you straight.

90 % of the time these people are folks you have met, spent  a tad of time with and that’s it.

I don’t know about you but there are probably only a couple dozen of people or so that I would sit down with and instantaneously listen to.

Everyone else has to earn that right and it is based on a realtionship that is nurtured over time.

Today’s society screams for folks to shove things down our throats.

Why do these people always know what is best for me ?

Why do they never appear again after you have made THE change they know you must ?

Why do we allow these people to steal our time and peace of mind ?

Why indeed ?

Let’s start the week expecting more, dreaming more, being more !

Let’s surround ourselves with the right people, ideas and values.

Let’s make a difference, think and act as WE want things to be.