Ok, Ok , I get it !

I haven’t written about what I have been reading and my gosh have I heard about it !

I know without a doubt what you guys want to hear !

Here we go, I’ll tackle 5 books at a time otherwise the excitement of more would just cause bodily harm !

Here we go !

1) People Are Idiots & I Can Prove It-Larry Winget -Larry, is a radical, in your face, tell it like it is coach/author. Larry tells you what you need to hear if you are struggling in a Mike Ditka style. He will give you tips to help your business and your personal life but you better have thick skin and can handle rough language. As a former football player, he just sounds like my high school coach, all over again .

2) I Am-Wayne Dyer–just the opposite of Larry’s book. A complete contrast. This is a children’s book that I recommend for adults also. If you need some extra encouragement, extra belief in yourself, this would be a good read !

3) The Birth Order-Kevin Leman–Some heavy reading, some cute humor but mostly a psychology approach to everyday human behavior. If you are in sales or work with big groups, this will be very helpful. It isn’t a quick read. Lots of good information !

4) The Noticer Returns-Andy Andrews-To me, Andy Andrews darn near walks on water. Andy is my favorite author. He inspires me. He gives me ideas and concepts to help others. This book deals with struggle, perspective, miracles,hope and inspires you to get started on critical life shifts. If any of this interests you, it is a must read !

5) Creating Magic-Lee Cockerell-Lee is the former Executive VP of Operations at Disney. Walt Disney is a hero of mine, management of his empire is amazing. Lee, shares leadership principles and philosophy and their daily application. If you are a leader, I know you will pick up a gem or two. I did !


Ok there you go !


I promise you won’t have to wait as long for the next update !

Promise !