Reading, yup a passion of mine and the subject that folks seem to love when checking out this blog.

There are still a bunch of books I have read to report on and a HUGE stack still on the nightstand to be read. I’m currently have 5-6 books partially read with another stack calling my name. (Hey–Doug !!)

Here is a report of 5 more . Hope the updates help you decide if you want to pick up a copy !

1) The Tools– by Phil Stutz &Barry Michels. I picked this up after a coaching client of mine who I was pushing and pushing to read a few specific books to help him told me he was reading and enjoying this. He thought this was helpful. This particular client had rejected reading damn near everything I had suggested. I decided if he would read it, I’d pick up a copy and help him use the Tools  as a tool to work through some of his challenges. The authors are a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. This book is deep and not a quick read. It offers a system, a proven system to help you deal with any kind of problem you may be facing. If you want to know how to go deep inside yourself to get results that have been missing, this book may be for you.

2) Gone-by Randy Wayne White. I’m a big fan of the Doc Ford series Randy writes and this book introduces and features Hanna Smith. Hannah is a PI/fishing guide in Florida . She is a tough gal & gets in and out of sticky situation just like Doc Ford has for years. Pretty good mystery/thriller.

3) Look Inside-Poems from Leonard & Joyce Hilt. The Hilt’s were clients of mine for years in my CPA practice. They were wonderful warm people inside and out. Unfortunately, Leonard has passed away. This book deals as his memorial . He and Joyce talk about family & life growing up in Tennessee. Leonard even takes his podiatry practice and makes poetry out of it. I once represented many podiatrists and as group they are very warm people. Leonard, Joyce set the standard for them all. Joyce is a person who gushes over you and you can tell as she shares poems of her family. This is a special, specialty book unlike any you will find at your local bookstore.

4) The One Thing–by Gary Keller. Vic Johnson contacted me and sent me a copy of this book as said” Doug, you have to read this and you have to read it now” . I did and boy oh boy it is a great one. Do you need a tool to reduce your stress level ? Does multitasking having you going nuts ? Do you need to avoid distractions ? Find focus ? Focus on what matters the most ? If any of this sounds like you, get this book and read it ! This will a challenger to break into the famous top 16 list !

5) Standup Guy-Stuart Woods. If you follow this blog, you know I am a big Stuart Woods fan. This book was in classical Stone Barrington form but a little too predictable and kinda flat. Twist and turns were missing. This was ok but just plain ok !


You will notice anything I read, I talk about. Some folks have said they only want to hear about business books. Well, sorry, sometimes I need a break and something a little lighter. Maybe you do too !