Several thoughts have been buzzing around this past week. I established early I better leave the Michael Douglas report alone. I could only get in trouble with a serious discussion or some smart &ss comments.

My smart phone for this past month especially the past week has been pretty dumb. It’s been dropping calls, screens freezing so it takes 6-8 tries to make a call, internet connections almost as fast a dial up, dead areas all over the beloved State of Michigan. No more roaming costs up North but no more service either. Progress ? A new phone is on it’s way but it can’t take care of all this mess.

Maybe we can dumb down the phones, develop the new models a little slower but make sure they work?

Just a thought !

Lots of thoughts about the new graduates moving on. They sure have their hands full with a ton of issues. They shouldn’t have to deal with all this crap. Common sense where are you ? Come on people !

Graduates should be focusing on dreams. I don’t promote them much but my D.I.N.O. wristbands are perfect for them.

D.I.N.O. -Dreaming Is Never Optional

It’s not optional. With the tons of negativity out there they need a simple reminder. Mine is on every day!

There are some pink ones left in limited quantities. Pink has been associated with cancer. Breast cancer’s color is pink but many people associate it with all cancer. Cancer fighters. Cancer survivors.

Maybe they need a reminder to dream. What do you think ? I know they do. It’s up to you or your organization to decided if this is a good way.

Here is a link to order up a few: