Business owners who work alone or with just one or two others complain they miss the socialization big business once game them .

There is little water cooler talk, few opportunities to grab a drink after work and the dating pool is slim pickings.

Any intellectual challenges is from deep research or from what your read on the net.

When you glance up from the keyboard or telephone there is no human in sight. Be they pretty, ugly or just average looking.

Sometimes not only is there no conversation, no bodies to be in the company of, there is also no phone calls and maybe no emails.

You don’t feel isolation and bliss but left out and off center.

This usually doesn’t last for long so hang on.

Yes the silence is deafening.

Remember it is “Ok” to venture outside your office.

It is “ok” to admit you feel this way.

It is “ok” to reach out to others.

True friends and family should always be there.