Hey there !!

Have you ever worked on a project, an idea , a habit change and it never happens ???

Do days, weeks, months sometimes years slip by ?

Do you have the best darn plan that is almost, almost there ?

Have you ever been there ??

Are you now ??

If we waited to take our morning or evening shower the same way it would look something like this:

OK I’m back from the gym-great workout–geees I stink !

Tie the favorite rubber duck to the shower head

Turn on the water-wait until it is exactly 101 degrees

Find that smelly soap from Aunt Martha

Where is my shampoo in that funny green bottle?

Turn some music on

Where is my favorite towel

Where is my d$#n robe ?

Ahhh &^$* ! I’m out of time–I have to go to work !!

And, and !! You still stink !!!

Life, goals , dreams are no different. You can’t wait until you find everything, know everything, have the perfect plan. You have to jump in and take ACTION !!

If you don’t, you run out of time.

If this is you, you are stuck and hurting.

Don’t do that !! Get going. Don’t wait to be perfect !

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