This month, October, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The wearing of the pink.

I enjoy and support saving all the tatas we can but I have to ask a question.

A tough question that I keep hearing over and over again.


Why does only breast cancer get national attention ?


Is it because after all we are talking breasts ?

Are they better organized ?

Does better organized equal more money ?

Does more money equal more exposure ?


I’m not sure.


I know people who have family members that are ill or have died from other forms of cancer, keep asking these questions.

I really don’t have a good answer for them.

Do you ?

Let’s not forget these other forms of cancer victims in our thoughts, our prayers, our donations.

I’ve have a link below to a website, although commercial, that informs us what color ribbons support other forms of cancer. Most of these colors, I have never seen associated with the respective cancer type.

I have no affiliation with this site and know little about them.

However, they do a very nice job explaining cancer types and their

supporting colors.

Take a look.

Keep informed.

Keep aware.

Share some good thoughts and prayers for all.

Let’s be aware of breast cancer and all others.