I was sent this image awhile back and it really got me to do some extra thinking. Faith to many is very abstract and to some a fantasy. To me and many others it is very real yet how to define and describe it at times is very difficult. The best explaination of FAITH, I have found is–Finding Answers in The Heart. I think my good friend Frank Gasiorowski first shared this with me and I love it !

The beauty of this image is the bridge. This gives me an image of FAITH to hold in my mind. Where I am or where you are to where God is taking us.

Where we are can be a nasty place we don’t want to be. It may be a place or a situation we don’t want but are stuck at. Maybe we have been stuck there a long time. Too long.

The bridge is our hope and our vehicle to our destiny.

You may be standing on the bridge, approaching it or almost off it discovering your new future.

Repeat and reflect on this saying and image often over the next month. print the picture and keep it near.

Let me know what you think and if I can help. Look deep for answers you have been missing.

Have faith !