This week I attended a seminar about child abuse¬†. I couldn’t believe such a seminar was offered and that society had enough sickos that it had to taught.

I have zero patience for this type of thing and believe these folks are the worse bottom feeders out there. I’m getting PO’d just writing this.

The seminar offered 5 steps to help protect the kids. I could offer a couple more but none of them would be socially acceptable.

For those of you who know me, feel free to fill in the blanks.

You would be right !

The 5 “official” steps are:

1) Know the warning signs. Common sense (that isn’t that common any more)should be your guide. One intersting sign was a stranger who takes pictures of your kids or grandkids. Abusers like to keep a scrapbook of their prey.

2) Control access to the children–especially with those that will hold a trusted position. Check references, demand face to face interviews, perform criminal checks, watch your computers.

3) Monitor all programs-watch everybody, trust no one. Watch secluded areas like a hawk.

4) Be aware- Talk to your kids, listen to your kids, supervise your kids. Be a parent! Don’t get lazy !

5) Communicate any Concerns- If something doen’t look right, it probably isn’t ! Get involved but don’t spread unfounded rumors. Don’t be a gossip but don’t turn your back on “funny looking” stuff. Investigate but do it the same way you would want an outsider behave if your actions were ever questioned. Don’t wait until it is too late !

I hope this helps some of you.

It’s of my chest, but my blood is still boiling.

Get these idiots off the street !

Get involved. Police shortages are everywhere. Response time stinks.

We all need to get involved.

It is a job for everyone !