Yesterday, I decided to take part of a day off and visit my friend Bill that I haven’t seen for a long time. Bill lives a little more than hour away. I arrived in anticipation of a day off , some good company and a little stress reduction.

Bill and I started to talk and wood carve (many of you know I love to do this !) About 11:30 Bill had to sit down, looked like crap, told me the room was spinning and his vision was blurred. I don’t have any medical degrees but I thought this wasn’t good. With Bill’s wife we rushed him to the hospital 20 minutes away.

Bill tells me he had this same thing happen to him in January, they kept him for 24 hours and found nothing wrong. Bill also tells me he had the same symptoms but much worse yesterday. Wow !

They kept Bill at the hospital this time a little over 36 hours and once again found nothing wrong. Yikes !

Bill and his wife are frustrated. i can’t blame them. They aren’t looking for bad news or a serious health problem but they sure want answers. They aren’t getting any.

Why am I talking about Bill ??? It helps me explain–missing power. Missing power is “head stuff” I’m told and I couldn’t agree more. People, some people have trouble with the concept of missing power. Missing power is when you are stuck, in life or in a situation. You know there is more, you know you are more and deserve better. You know you are not yet accomplishing the “stuff” in life you were predestined to achieve. You have not yet touched the lives you want to or completed your legacy.

Dr. Rebecca Riales a licensed counselor-therapist from West Virginia today on the Missing Power blog talk show called the need to find this hidden power the “need to release your genius.”

My friend Bill wants medical answers.

We all want answers. Those answers are what I help find.

I was told to change my business card to show my occupation as a discoverer. I discover hidden talents. Missing power.

What answers do you need?

How is not using all you were made for holding you back?

What price are you and your family paying for not having those answers?

How long has this been going on ??

When will you make changes ??

You have been predestined for greatness.

Find that greatness . You deserve to have the answers you have seeking.

Someone besides yourself has been waiting for your greatness-your power.

Find it. Use it !