I think we have all gone through tough times or I as I call them “dark periods”.

A lot of bad news, bad karma, setbacks and just plain old fashion BS hit us for no reason.

We are working hard with a postive outlook and have solid goals but the results just are not there.

We get depressed, upset and do a lot of second guessing.

These attitudes can last for seconds, minutes, hours, days.

We know our first assignment is to work on our thoughts.

We pull out some of the classic books to re-read, we listen to some favorite motivating cd’s and if you are like me look for a new book a new cd that may put a new twist on things. That new book or cd helps me because I increase my focus.
I’ll admit when re-listening to some cd’s that have had a major impact on my life or key books that have greatly helped me in the past, I sometimes get Lazy. As the cd plays I continue searching for solutions to my dilemma rather than hearing all the advice. As I read “that” book I start only paying attention to the highlights I made and skip some important concepts. Blending material that I know has helped me in the past with some new thoughts, new approaches has major impact.

If I call a friend for help, I will rarely be so transparant, so honest that the real issue(s) don’t come out. Our friends sometimes put the lightwight gloves on when helping and don’t ask us the tough questions that they need to. They need to get in our faces and challenge us.

Mentors who know us can work wonders as they understand that little “box” called our mind. They know our history, past blockages and the way we think and respond. Mentors are often so busy it may take days or weeks to track them down and it is way to late to handle our urgent confusion, our urgent frustration.

Coaches can help you if you have an established relationship or a well etablished history of working together. This a key function of having a coach. The week to week value of using a coach is helpful, but when you are at the crossroads of a major decision, fifteen minutes of their time is worth often, thousands of dollars.

Once we get out thoughts in some type of order with a reasonable understanding we can start to analyze and relax into our feelings.

What we listened to, what we read, what mentors and coaches share just have to sink in. We need some time to let everything soak in. This is what I call the ‘sponge’ stage. Just let it soak in. Find a quiet spot and just think. Listen for answers . Listen for ideas and see what feels right. Then think some more.

Finally, put some action steps together.

Have a plan.

Don’t wait. Just jump in and get started.

Adjust your steps, your actions as you have to.

Results will follow but maybe not right away.

Be Patient.


Have Faith.


Be grateful.


Dream some more !