Paperwork seems to occupy so much of my time and I know for many is a timewaster and extremely frustrating.

We all seem to adopt some type of system but we are always looking for a way that is better. If you have a business, this nightmare just doesn’t go away.

Here are six ways that have worked for many of my clients:

1) Presort the mail,etc. -Have someone, your admin. assistant, a trusted employee go through mail and other paperwork addressed to you. Let them handle all they can before anything hits your desk.

2) Eat the Elephant-if you are behind and don’t where to start to get some control, address in chunks of blocked time. Set aside an hour, a half hour everyday and start on the stack. We all know the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

3) Follow the 4H system-1)Handle it now, 2)Hold it-file away in a hold file to address later. Be sure to put a due date to address on the file.,  3)Hand it off-delegate. Think hard at this point. Try to delegate all you possibly can., 4) Hurry it-to the closest trash can !

4) Organize daily-don’t fall too far behind. Block time every day to sort, organize file. We all know “stuff” happens and you will miss a day or two. When this happens, schedule “make-up” time to get yourself back on track !

5) Get off mailing lists-do this yourself or start a “get me off this list” bucket and delegate !

6) Go Electronic-change all the business you can, as much paperwork you can to electronic media. Be sure once you do, keep organized there too. Otherwise you just start a second mess.

Now after you have sorted your paperwork, have gained control, have gained an hour or two a day, drop me a note and tell me what worked best for you !