These last few years I haven’t been doing a lot of flying, especially coast to coast. Last week I ventured out to the Land of Fruit and Nuts (oops sorry-California) and could blog forever about inappropriate things and “stuff” only folks who understand my semi-perverted sense of humor would understand but I won’t.

I think I’ll break my observations into a few posts but here we go:

1) Airports are the reality show location for people watching. Good looking, ugly, really ugly — with a nice personality, fat, skinny, tall, short–you get the idea. It’s like cable but cheaper !

2) The first thing out of my town car driver’s mouth when I was picked up at the airport was–why do they put God’s name on money. Money is filthy. I just assumed politics was our next topic !

3) Guacamole is required at breakfast, lunch and dinner at every meal in Irvine, California. I even had guacamole on my guacamole !

More to come ! Keep holding on to the edge of your seats !