This past week has been a difficult one . My energy has been a little low but all in all not too bad.

I have had to keep “my head in the game”.

My wife Mary Ann lost a cousin suddenly this week and she has a very ill Aunt.

A friend was diagnosed with cancer and another friend just today lost his mother.

Another friend is fighting through a major crossroad and my Sister is struggling through some issues.

Events like these cause me to reach out all I can to do whatever I can do to comfort & help.

Plans change each day but to help, I know is where I need to be.

I need to help people and this week has been with many close to me.

This proves to those I help coach that it hits us all.

It’s about responding not reacting. It involves reflecting & support. It’s a tough week but also a week where a lot of good has transpired.

A lot of good. I don’t even need to stretch things to say that.

Good that has to be considered to keep balance, to keep focus, to keep us strong.

Scheduling some down time to “stay in the game’ has helped also.

If you aren’t there , get there !

Stay in the game with me !