December at the Evans’ house and for most people is a crazy special time a year. We celebrate Christmas in a BIG way, exchange tons of gifts with the kids and grandkids, attend tons of family events, shop until we drop too many nights, melt our credit cards shopping online & I hand carve a bunch of gifts.

Crazy-yes !

Special-yes !

Now ontop of this every business group I belong to, many friends, clients have Holiday parties that get added in .

Let’s not forget the regular day to day work that pays the bills day in, day out.

For myself, and if you are doing it right, for many of you, there is a big push to finish the year strong and reach goals which we set for ourselves in December of last year.

Oh yeah, let’s add setting aside time to properly reflect on the past 12 months. What worked for us, what did not, what did we let slip, what didn’t we get done that we just can’t excuse, what special blessings happened, what are we  are most proud of, what did we add to our legacy, how did we make the world a better place, how did the world make us a better person.

And…..looking at our dreams and setting goals for next year.

Setting goals in all aspects in out lives.

Planning carefully our action steps and our future.

We have don’t have a lot of time to do all this.

Being dragged in so many directions causes some stress. It has to.

Dealing with the stress is the challenge.

Dealing with stressed people in all aspects of our lives and doing all we have to do.

Crazy-yes !


There is a bunch of confusion.

With all these challenges, please be sure if this is your faith, like mine, to take time to also remember the “reason for the season” .

It’s all important.

It’s all carzy.

It’s all special !