Halloween is when little kids (and sometimes not so little) kids find their favorite costume and step out to show others something about themselves.

Most costumes are really a reflection of all or a part of a dream of a child. We see super heroes, sports figures, princesses, Disney characters that the child dreams of. We also see some bums and hookers in the older children but let’s assume this isn’t their dream !

At adult costume parties you see mostly fun costumes because all too many adults have stopped dreaming. French maids, pink blow-up elephants, Frankenstein, and the newest terrorist aren’t what these folks dreamed of being one day.

Halloween is a great time to remember to remember you can still dream. Not only can you but it is a definite “should”. Take time to dream and dream again.

To achieve you dreams remember SPOO is the Key !!

S et goals-know what you want, set a time schedule, make a plan

P ersist –take action. Figure out a way to get their and never, never give up !

O rganize the knowledge you have. If you don’t have the knowledge you need-get it ! Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich stresses the importance of not just knowledge but of knowledge effectively and persistently applied.

O ptimism-visualize your dream. Live it in you mind and don’t let anyone steal your dreams ! Parents especially this Halloween, protect your children’s dreams. Keep their dreams safe. Be sure you don’t, a teacher doesn’t, a coach doesn’t steal their dreams.