I guess every New Year can start whatever way it wants. My last post told you 2011 ended with a bunch of bumps.

New Year’s Eve my wife and I went out for a nice dinner, she caught a mild case of food poisoning and our evening ended early.

New Year’s day and yesterday I spent a bunch of time planning 2012, setting goals and figuring out what changes I needed to make and how I had to change my thinking.

Today I woke up with a cold (I guess) and need a cork to stop the dripping nose. As the day went on, it won’t stop. Called the Doc and of course I was never called back.

I had breakfast with a great leadership coach John Daly discussing what we planned on 2012 bringing us both. The year will bring us what we attract and work to achieve.

Progress maybe accomplished the hard way or the easy way. More likely than not, a combination of the two.

I wish, hope, pray for many things this year and have them all written down. It’s a plan, a plan to get started that will get tweeked as the journey evolves.

I reflect on many things, worry about my wife, a sister and the political games they play each day. Games I can’t play and refuse to play. Games that upset me. Games that should never be but are a reality.

I worry about my children’s future as they fight the system and mindset that floats around and around today’s society.

Worry yes, but I know they have strength, inner strength to tackle whatever comes at them. A strength I hoped shape at least a “tad”.

This worry comes with concern. Concern that my family and way too many others struggle and get hurt too much, too often.

Concern that causes me to continue to do all that I can to minimize this struggle and pain and help as many as I can to take day by day life as easy and peaceful as they can.

It’s just what I do.