These are the three subjects I have been bombarded with since the start of the new year.

All three are extremely related.

They are woven together.

People are not sleeping, are frustrated, angry and dare I say–out and out pissed off.

Sorry for the bluntness but can’t say it any better.

Folks are unhappy at their jobs.

They are working longer, making less , having less job security, less fringe benefits, crappier work conditions and dealing daily with managers/bosses who feel the same way.

After all that, the government wants a bigger piece of what is left.

People are looking for stress relievers but are finding the old “stand byes” just aren’t cutting it.

Exercise, meditation, music are not ¬†penetrating this “new” stress.

Patience, calm, understanding are being sought for naught.

Faith itself is being questioned.

The government is light years into being questioned, even trusted.

Worries are being openly shared and deep dark concern shared behind closed doors with only the closest of friends and family.

People aren’t sleeping.

They are out and out worried.

It’s time to be honest about all of this.

It’s time to talk about where we are as a society.

It’s time to be supportive of one another and to be supported by our families.

It’s time we find ways to relax even if just a tad or two.

It’s time to demand our government at all levels respond to our needs and desires.

It’s time we the people, set the agenda and direction of our Country.

It’s time to get involved and help others.

It’s time for some strong leaders.

It’s time to be honest.

It’s time to lead and not to follow.

What do you think ?

We need to start talking before it’s too late.

We need to be able to talk, discuss and still be friends.

We need to understand that we can disagree on an issue or two and be friends.

Patience and calmness are being sought and not found.

We are so stressed, we can’t even talk to one another.

Let’s start with helping each other with some calmness, some patience, some humor and then we’ll tackle the big stuff.

Let’s start today, but let’s remember respect.

Let’s remember to love one another.

Let’s admit we will never totally agree with one another.

Let’s just get started doing away with this “less” mentality.

Let’s clean up this mess.

Let’s reduce our stress.

Let’s start.

OK ?