Summertime for me and for many people I know, is a season of fun and always comes with the challenge of an ever changing schedule.

The kids, grandkids are out of school, vacations and family reunions take place, graduations, weddings, the beach, ball games and, and…

You get the idea. Fun times but busy times. We want to get outdoors. People want to get out of the house.

You start to try to figure out how to squeeze in meals. Often there is no time for shopping and eating healthy is tougher.

Oh yeah, work is mixed in there somewhere too.

Not only work but maybe a rush project, a special project, a product launch, a customer emergency.

How the heck do we make it all fit ?

There is no magic answer.

Nope,no magic wand.

Wish there was.

So here are two questions for you:

1) What do you do to handle all I just talked about ? What do you do different in this summer season?

2) What one story can you share of a nightmare or a funny story as you juggled your summertime schedule.

We will try to share all of this with you if we get enough responses.

Please share this with your friends, family, mailing list, your blog.

If you have a long response, maybe you could be a guest blogger.

Let’s have fun with this !

It should be fun to hear a bunch of answers !