Memorial Day. a day to pause, pray (yes pray) , and reflect on the lives sacrificed for the rights we often take for granted. Rights that can be abused. Rights that some demand and never ever earn. Rights that are used in inappropriate ways.

Our fathers, grandfathers had a vision. The had beliefs, they morals , they had daily life principles. They had a boat load of come sense. They had faith. They had trust. They had leaders. They had guts. They died to protect a better life for their children and grandchildren.

They came to this country legally, with honor, without demands to blend in. They expected basic rights and expected to work hard. They loved this country and what it stood for.

We now seem to have way too much disrespect, illegally assumed rights and privileges, leaders with no guts for hard decisions, lazy attitudes, screw you but respect me attitudes.

People who want to come here, many, many illegally looking for a hand out and not willing to work or contribute in any way. They want the majority to change to their way of life to the life wherever they came from. They want the majority to speak their language the hell with English and to respect their flag not the red, white and blue and worship their God not ours.

Political leaders speak only of the immigrates rights, their frustrations, their future votes.

Something is very wrong.

Let’s remember our fallen veterans. The principles those brave men and women fought for. With all it’s faults , we have the greatest country in the world. We need to reject apathy, complacency, and following the mandated laws, policies, procedures that make not a bit of common sense.

We need to unify, find where common sense has escaped to and remember the principles this country was founded on. The media will fight us on this . They’ll manipulate and degrade the effort but to honor our fallen veterans it’s time. It’s beyond time.

Our freedom, our liberty, our existence comes from those service men and women we lost.

They would expect us to have some guts and return this country to where we know it needs to be. No politics just common sense. It’s time. We need to regain our missing power !

Thank every veteran you know. They served us well. Honor the loved ones we have lost.

God Bless America !