No—not those kinds of tales ! Tales that books have shared . For your pleasure, here are 5 more books that may be worthy of your consideration:

1) My Last Fight–by Darren McCarty. Darren, a former beloved player for the Detroit Red Wings had his share of off ice problems. The fans knew it , the media maybe hushed it up a little but yet he produced on the ice and was a fan favorite. “Mac” as he was known is brutally honest with what was going on in his life and the disaster it once was. Mac seems to have his life back together (he’ll tell you why) and the standout from the old Grind Line really tells a great story. The language may be a little rough for some and you will need to be a sports or hockey fan to really enjoy this. If you are a diehard Red Wing Fan, this is a must !

2) Takedown Twenty–Janet Evanovich. Ok, ok, this one isn’t real deep. It is a two hour special. Zany mishaps of detective Stephanie Plum, Grandma and in this book a wild giraffe named Kevin. This is book twenty of a series. If you are a fan pick this up. If you don’t know this series, start with number one for some silly , quick fun.

3) The First Phone Call from Heaven–Mitch Albom. Mitch is local boy who years ago I remember as an intern doing the sports report for a local station. Mitch became one hell of a writer on sports, life and darn near anything. You all probably know of him. If not, Google him and see all he has done. His charity work is—-WOW ! That says it all(thanks Mitch !) Now back to the book ! In a local small town, multiple phone calls are received that many think are from heaven. Are they ? You will have to read this mystery to find out. The book is about human interaction, the power of the mind, miracles and the afterlife.  This I enjoyed. High on the Doug-O-Meter !

4) Heaven is for Real–Todd Burpo. Two heaven books after McCarty & Stephanie Plum. Not sure this is right and just wait to see what I read next ! This book has been made into a movie and has been all over the news. My copy sits on the nightstand of my daughter Michelle’s house (hint, hint) who claims she wants to read it ! This is a book that will encourage Christians. If you aren’t a Christian or don’t like reading books with a religious twist , this one isn’t for you. This is a special true story of a 4 year old boy who took a trip to heaven and back. His trip changes the lives of his family, friends and local community.  I resisted reading this when it first came out as I thought it would be just a”bubble gum” story. I was very wrong and am now sorry I waited so long to read it. This was outstanding !

5) Carnal Curiosity–Stuart Woods. Good ‘Ol Stone Barrington is smiling a lot in this one. The dual storyline about missing money and a Presidential bid by a friend is surrounded by Stone’s virility in the sack. Many Wood’s fans are complaining that Stone hasn’t caught a STD by now or landed on the Soap channel. I thought it was a little “soapy ” but the story lines were good. Wood’s last book  I reviewed was “iffy” . This book was a definite improvement.

One of the above books should be a good fit for you. The question–which one ?