The Thanksgiving excitement is a buzz. Folks are making travels plans. Family gatherings are going on all over. Work for many is winding down (for me the quiet time is so welcomed). Parade plans, Turkey Trots, Bar night, Football games, Christmas decorations etc. are hitting our calendars.

Little thanks/gratitude is being discussed.

Some are pausing and maybe reflecting on the year, on life.

Most of these folks will give thanks and maybe offer a silent prayer.

Grandpa just before a Thanksgiving feast may offer a short prayer of thanks for the family.

With all we have, with all the blessings we receive, with all our gifts, it seems so insignifcant to offer a short “thank-you” but once a year.

Gratitude should be offered each and every day. “Life” may make us slip a day or two in giving thanks or perhaps total exhaustion causes us to forget every now and then.

I  suggest and always encourage my coaching clients to remember that gratitude is and attitude.

Giving thanks on days that didn’t go our way are the most difficult.

On those difficult days we often simplify and resort to the basics-our family, our health, our God, Our Country, our skills, our special friends.

I have kept a gratitude journal for years and always end my day writing down a few special things that happened that day. It helps me sleep better after a tough day. It puts things back into perspective.

I encourage you to try this.

Be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Relax and enjoy some well deserved family time.

Be thankful, have gratitude and share your attitude with all the people you can.

Our World needs it, you need it, I need it.

Happy Thanksgiving !

I’m thankful for you all and so much more.