Hey ! Life has slowed down a tad ! Yeah !

The cottage is officially opened, 40 % of the leaves have been raked up, our 4 legged family member, Roxy, is properly buried, and the pace of life is getting to where it should be.

Busy, but that is good.

Trying hard to live life in harmony with my body and mind.

I had a chance to hide and to read and enjoy Vic Johnson’s new e-book, Think and Grow Rich- The Lost Secret. It’s a must for any Think and Grow Rich fans. I cancelled an appointment just so I could finish reading it. Vic offers some very fresh thinking and perspective to an all time classic. I highly recommend it ! Amazon will hook ya up.

We also celebrated by buddy, Roger’s birthday and my wife’s birthday.

I was a brave man and took Mary Ann shopping and then to the Bonnie Mill Inn in Chesaning, Michigan.

Pam Wyant is the new owner of the Bonnie Mill trying to grow a former icon back to the popularity it enjoyed for years.

After kicking back for a day, we took a long road trip home and enjoyed Michigan’s State flower–the orange barrel.

I’m planning and working on a few online classes that will be offered soon so watch for the details coming soon !