Ted WilliamsBy now you now know the story.

Unemployed, homeless Ted Williams a former radio DJ who struggled with alcohol and drug abuse is re-discovered.

He does a voice over for Kraft, Jimmy Fallon has him as a guest, Oprah contacts him, job offers pour in.

All of this overnight.

Think of anything you are struggling with.

Your business, being unemployed for months and months, an illness, not finding the love of your life.

It can all happen overnight.

The right idea, connection, exposure and BOOM it happens.

Fate, luck, attraction ?? You name it but it can happen !

Faith, trust, excuse me work (action) must be there.

If you are in a tough spot, remember this.

Keep your faith and trust. Work hard at this.

Take action, take action today and the sky is the limit.

PS If you somehow missed the news story of the last week about Ted Williams,Click on his name at the start of this post for a great video !