As I talk to business owners,fellow coaches and speakers they talk about what keeps them up at night. All their major concerns fall into two categories -fears and the government.

First,let’s talk about fears. Fears though many, usually involve two specific types of fears.

The fear of -No Money or the Fear of Failure.

If I use a broad paintbrush, I could argue they are one in the same.

Most business owners really see these as two different issues.

Fear of no money is seen as a reoccurring condition that owners see happening over and over again almost forever. Knowing how to manage money, produce cash, deal with debt is where I am called upon to help solve problems time and time again.

With my background as a CPA I have seen these cash related problems way to many times. When  people keep coming to me asking for help in this area, I am not surprised.

How to mange a business especially as it relates to managing cash and growing your business is rarely taught anywhere in schools. Unless an owner is super sharp, most need my help or someone’s help to develop,manage and maintain their dream business.

Examples on how to budget, save some money, grow the bottom line of a business are few.

Our National leaders, can’t keep to a budget, have borrowed some number too big to fit on this page, and are looking for more ways to go further in debt.

Just try this approach in your own business and I’ll put up the for sale or foreclosure sign.

Know what I mean ?

The other big fear ? Failure. Failure that what you try to do won’t work. Fear that the for sale sign or foreclosure sign indeed goes up. If failure kicks in, how will you pay bills and will you be able to provide for your family. You perhaps will think, can I even get a job? Am I too old? What will they pay me in today’s job market ? How will I adapt working for someone?

Part of the fear of failure is an interesting subgroup called the Fear of Fraud.

The Fear of Fraud is when you tell people you can do something and then don’t. Fear of Fraud is being worried that promises made in good faith don’t happen. If they don’t happen, will people THINK, you are a fraud. Wow, who wants this. Right ?

Dealing with fears is a tough area to address and correct. It often takes many hours working with owners to get them to release these destructive negative feelings they have carried for way too long.

Now , let’s talk about the government.

I’d called peoples feelings about the government fear too.

They complain about what a pain the butt the regulations, red tapes, taxes, more taxes, rules, licenses, inspections, and required paperwork. All the governmental controls feel like a noose around their necks.

They see this reality getting worse by the day. The government is micromanaging their business and sticking its nose in many areas that should not be their business.

If is looks like Big Brother, Smells like Big Brother, walks like Big Brother, talks like Big Brother… it’s ???

Yeah, I hear you.

I feel for you.

I hear more and more owners considering closing their doors and letting Big Brother be the new owner.

I can help dealing with understanding how to build cash and profits.

I can help you plan to eliminate debt.

I can help with dealing with damn near any fear.

I can help with your mindset dealing with Big Brother.

No one said having your own business would be easy.

Remember, you aren’t alone and don’t have to be Superman or Superwoman and do it all alone.

I’m here if you need a hand.