The health benefits of laughter maybe debated but no medical expert would argue it is bad for you.

Laughter and smiling are known stress reducer and help lower blood pressure. Laughter also helps free those Radicals that also seem to need help and want to be “free”.

Charlie Chaplin once said:

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

When laughter helps reduce your stress, you think better, have better ideas, interact better with people and help reduce the stress of many others.

You need to laugh with not at others and most of all laugh at yourself.

If you have or have had small children you have excuses to laugh at their actions, comments and new found words every day. These same small children may also be at times a major source of stress so smile and laugh every time you can !

Last week end we went to see The Muppets Movie and laughed at the sillyness of the old characters of years gone by.

In the movie, Kermit T. Frog describes laughter as the third greatest gift of all.

I have a special prize for the first person that knows the 1st and 2nd greatest gifts according to Kermit E-mail your best guesses to claim your prize !

I know laughter helps,I know laughter is fun and I know it’s Un-American to argue with an icon like Kermit !

Enjoy this short clip and SMILE!