How many of you remember as kids “do overs” ?

We had them all the time playing sports because we didn’t have all the structure kids have today. We didn’t have official rule books, we didn’t have umpires or referees, we rarely had full teams and usually had a mix of age groups (someone always was stuck with a kid brother or sister).

When we fought over if the guy was safe at second, caught the pass inbounds or if the goal went over the goal line and could not agree, we had a “do over”.

We had to figure out a fair way for the “do over” but it happened. A free play. Sometimes with an advantage stacked one way to be fair but we worked it out. We would run the play again with no penalty and see if the guy was safe, the pass was caught, the goal was scored.

It worked. We had fun. We produced results. We moved ahead within the game. We worked it out. Sure there was some yelling, some usage of language that Mom wouldn’t approve but we worked it out and were friends again. Every now and then there were hard feelings for a day maybe two but that was it.

So, I have an idea. With this “fiscal cliff” we have been bombarded about day in and day out maybe it is time for a “do over”. The clowns in Washington (Congress) waited and waited until thier backs were against the wall (by the way, another fiscal cliff story just came on the TV I can hear near by).

My version of the “do over” would be to replace everyone, all political parties involved in the DC failure. Clean house and get 100 % new blood and turn them loose. If we invoke the “do over” rule we might find people that aren’t stuck on themselves and can find some middle ground.

It can be no worse than passing a National Health Care plan and then many months later figuring out how to pay for it. This is kinda like buying a new house and months later figuring out if I can afford it (didn’t Washington chastise the Nation for doing this ?)

It is better than a plan to go to Hawaii for 2-3 weeks with money you don’t have, flying back with money you don’t have and then giving raises to Congress with the money you don’t have.

The fiscal cliff is the “geez we did things backassward cliff”.

A “do over” strategy makes more and more sense every time I think of it.

If this doesn’t work,(which I think it will), let’s just find a baseball bat and we’ll try “eagle claws” !