I don’t think that I am alone struggling with focus all too often.

Between multiple business resposibilities, daily appointments, daily reading, family obligations, day to day “to do” lists, exercise, doctor appointments, volunteer work, reflection time, hobbies, minor emergencies, due dates, a little TV, catching the “big” game, text messages, email, phone calls and, and……

You get the idea. True focus, shutting everything down is tough. I don’t care who you are of what you do shutting down is tough unless you don’t have a life.

Experts time and time again tell us true focus is how we get ahead.

I know I stuggle with long periods of “true” focus but I am getting better every week. It is a developed skill. A developed habit.

How is your focus ?? Be honest. For most people it stinks !

What can you shut down, shut off to improve your focus ??

Do it ! Do it today !