Last Night, I went trick-or-treating with my Grandkids in the wind and the rain.

Trick-or-treating is politically correct since it gives people a choice.

Trick OR treat !

But.. there ought be a law.

No rain on Halloween!

No wind on Halloween !

Do you know as we stepped out of the car, my sisters umbrella blew away and we had to chase it !

With the “no wind” law this all could have been avoided.

With the “no rain” law my socks, pants and shoes being wet would have been avoided.


Wet after only 45 minutes of walking with my grandkids.

We were wet after only 45 minutes !

We could have been “more wet” if our travels didn’t take us and extra 45 minutes due to an overturned fuel tanker on the expressway.

Hey, there should be a law of no overturned fuel tankers!

Well let’s not get too silly, they just can’t overturn on the expressway or on Halloween.

I don’t believe in “that” big of government.

Get over it folks!

This type of thinking is what I am hearing now a days.

People want laws over every fricken thing !

Let’s be sure people use mustard not ketchup–it’s healthier.


Let’s outlaw Miley Cyrus! (this one may actually be a good idea!)

Let’s outlaw anchovies on pizza !


Get a life folks, get off your fanny, walk in the rain, have some fun, and take control of your life.

Let the law makers concentrate on the big problems and just ask them to hold the anchovies !