I have been delinquent on reporting about what I am reading and you all have reminded me too many times. Today is the update of what books aren’t collecting dust anymore and what e-books have left my I-pad.

I have had up to twenty books going at one time but not finishing a bunch this year. I gave this some serious thought and determined I have been grabbing more and more books this year to help specific coaching client with their unique challenges they are facing. Several of these books are reading assignments I give to my clients and I always have to be 25-50 pages ahead of them to be able to reference the right thoughts or exercises.

I have been working on more projects this year and finding I have less reading time. Mary Ann and I have taken fewer trips to our cabin in Northern Michigan due to both work and family situations.

Our cabin is the top spot for me doing some “heavy duty” reading.

Air travel is down for me in 2103 also. I read 99% of the time I am flying(can’t sleep on a plane) and 95 % of the time while waiting in airports (some people watching just can’t be avoided)!

Here are 5 of the books I have wrapped up . I’ll focus on 5 more on post real soon (promise).

I recommend all of these so check out the brief description and see if they might help you.

1) 52 Mondays-The One Year Path-by Vic Johnson-I have been a student of Vic’s for years and this is another big hit. Loved reading some fantastic weekly advice to improve your life in every area. Don’t miss this one.

2) Power Thoughts-Joyce Meyer-If you are a Joyce fan like me, just read it ! It’s very good. For those of you who don’t know Joyce, this book gives you twelve strategies so you are ready to fight the battles your mind hands you each and every day !

3) How To Write a Book This Weekend-Vic Johnson- If you ever wanted to write a book, especially an e-book, this is a reference tool you can’t be without. Vic holds your hand and takes you from A-Z on how to write and promote your book. Love this one !

4) Seeds of Greatness-Denis Waitley-I was working with a client using this classic book. It was a re-read for me but as usual on a re-read some things jumped out I swore weren’t there the first time I read it. As we all grow, our perspective changes and new wisdom will speak to us in any of the classic books. See my TOP 16 BOOKS for 16 books to be sure you read more than once. http://discoveryourmissingpower.com

5) Inferno-Dan Brown-Another fun mystery filled with twist and turns as only Dan Brown does. 461 pages that I read on the plane flying to Long Beach and back. If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you’ll like this !