Well gang , I’m recently back from the Red Wing game with my son Mike and I have battled a loss in the family this week and a flu bug. My interaction and networking were not as varied as a “normal ” (are there any?) week.

With that background , 2 hockey players grace this 3 star selection as they have many times in their careers.

Here are the stars !

1) Jimmy Howard-Red Wing goalie who played well today. Jimmy is turning into a NHL star after many people had written him off. I heard some NOT nice things through my connections on the QT/Down low & yet the experts were wrong and this young man does have what it takes to excel in the NHL !

2) Chris Osgood -Red Wing goalie out with an injury was honored today for his 400 wins. Now 10th on the all time “wins” list. Say what you want about Ozzie but a class act with 3 Stanley Cups on his mantle.

3) Walt Disney- We all know about the ‘BIG” accomplishments of this man but few know his whole story. A remarkable man. His quotes comforted and inspired me many times this week. His quotes are many and of top quality. My favorite–If you can dream it,you can do it !

I love this week’s stars !! Pound your sticks on the ice !