Many of you know I am a hockey nut and hockey season is now upon us. The “official” games haven’t started but I can smell it in the air. This past week the “draft” for my season tickets took place and my  3 year old grandson Cameron, started his learn to skate program. Mary Ann & I are off for a preseason game in just a few days.

The last couple years I have ran a weekly “3 stars” blog post to celebrate those made a major impact  in the world or my week. I have been asked by several when and if  I would start this up again so this is it !

For you non-hockey fans, at the end of each game the 3 “stars” for that game are named and honored.

So for the 2011 season here we go !

1st Star–My father-in-law, Ralph Raczynski. Dad has been having a tough go of late that he won’t admit is related to 86 birthdays. One hospital stay, a ton of out patient tests and tons of doctor appointments and he is good for another 100,000 miles!

2nd Star-Matt DeLaCruz- I had a chance to see Matt again last week & his motivation and inspiration personal touch helps all his clients and staff at Wish I could see more of Matt !

3rd Star-Tom Hopkins, AKA Mr Sales. Tom started on the road before all the rubber chicken dinners turned to rubber and he can sell Grandma anything. Very smooth methods are shared effortlessly to thousands every year !(

Now, pound your sticks on the ice for this week’s stars !