Here we go with the stars of the week. If you aren’t familiar with this format read a couple of the earlier 3 star posts and you’ll be all caught up !

This week’s 3 stars:

1) Rod Hairston-Envision U Master Coach–Great speaker and a unique approach to coaching especially his 45 day challenge. His Navy Seal background sneaks out as he presents and he is full of enthusiasm !
2) Robert -Head waiter extraordinaire -Holly Hotel – Great service, outstanding advice for a true dining experience. Robert is one of the few true nice guys still out there.
3) NHL All Star Weekend–If you are passing out the stars they have to be in there somewhere ! New format for selecting the team, mixing up the Skills competition and trying hard to expose hockey to multiple markets. Sid the Kid’s skills were missed but it was sure nice not to hear all the whining !

Pound your sticks for these stars ! Let’s hear it !!