Memorial Day is damn near a forgotten Holiday and that is a real shame. Memorial Day is many things but please remember at least these three:

1) It is Memorial day not National BBQ day or open my swimming pool day. Millions of brave men and women fought for our freedom, our safety, our success, our life styles. They gave their lives so we can sleep at night and enjoy the American way most of the world continues to seek. That is what the day is all about.

2) Thank a VET–we all know some if not many. Be sure this weekend you thank them for serving and for putting their butts on the line to save ours!

3) Love your Country- Politics often distract from the love of our Country. It has many, many faults but it is still the best gig out there ! Politicians beat the hell out of issues that divide us. People are now getting stuck on one issue and forget all the issues we face. All parties attack each other. There is now only “what is in it for me” viewpoints not what is best for our Country. Remember we can agree to disagree and still like one another. Show some respect and be shown some respect. I disagree with friends on issues all the time but still luv ’em and would be lost without them.

Before I leave you, here is a picture of my favorite VET, my father-in-law , Ralph Raczynski. Dad is a WWII vet and 87 1/2 years young. In this picture, I am presenting a “Lean on Me” cane and a recognition certificate on behalf of the Michigan Woodcarvers. Presenting with me is Sgt. Major Dave Laycock a good friend. Thanks again to Dad, Dave and all of my friends, family and all that served.

This is your special day !

PS. Who is your special vet ?? How do you recognize them. Please let everyone know !

Dad's Cane resized