This time of year, the Holidays , and for my family Christmas always gets me and I know many others thinking.
Thinking of the opposites .
The Holiday stress and the Holiday joy.
Family members we have lost and family members we have just gained or will gain soon.
What could have been. What reality is.
What the new year could bring.
What the new year will bring.
Dreams and goals to get us there.
What we need to change and what is working well.
Our brains are on overtime but so should our hearts be on overtime.
Give thanks for all we have.
Don’t dwell on what you didn’t do this year. Reflect and take credit for all you accomplished in 2009. Make a list.
Post it somewhere so you can have a big fat smile everytime you read it !
Read it and then read it again !

Dream and then dream again.
Dreaming is never (ever) optional !
Take time and make your plan of attack for 2010. Get solid goals in front of you with a game plan before January 1st.
If you can’t finish by the 1st get done as soon as possible.
If you know you need help achieving your goals–get it .
Hire a coach. There are a bunch of good ones out there.
If I can help, let me know.
The time for action, the time for change, the time to make 2010 different is NOW!!!!

Take a big step. Take a chance!
Let something in 2010 change other than the date on the calendar.
Get mad.
Get excited.
Take action.
Make a difference !

Happy New Year !
I’m here for you.

Doug Evans