Howdy all ! My last post had some pretty bleak news to pass on. Some of those struggles continue and a couple more grey clouds, yet blue skies have around for most of the days.

No BIG announcements but tons of little events.

Here are just a few:

  • Snuck up North for a few days and just rested. Mary Ann & I did nothing really well !
  • Bunch of Grandkids’ soccer games
  • Sick of all the election crap-especially to so called debates
  • Looking to shift my business plan around ( you have been requesting help in a few different areas.)
  • Good book from the founders of Life is Good–called just that Life Is Good. All positive messages. It’s a must read !
  • Grandson’s hockey tournament
  • Red Wing game (Go Wing’s)
  • Enjoying the new show “Designated Survivor” . Jack Bauer as President, better than our choices this year ! Where is Chloe when you need her !
  • Enjoying Fall in Michigan–best Fall anywhere !

Just a short report! What’s going on with you ? Drop me a line !

P.S. Watch for book release coming to you soon. I co-authored this with some fantastic folks. All I can say for now !