It’s been awhile since I last posted due to extra crazy times at the Evans’ house. I know you have been there !!

I have been so busy there has been no time for golf or fishing and the d@#n summer is almost over !

What the heck have you been up to Doug ? Believe me, I ask myself that many times especially the last couple weeks. Well, I put together a list of the highlights and lowlights so you can see Doug is just like you.

Here we go–two family birthday parties,chasing our new puppy Annabelle who is teething on anything (but especially Mary Ann), my gym for the lat 14 years closing totally unannounced, my daughter leaving a job soley due to big company political BS, help move my daughter to her new house, rushing my mother-in-law to emergency with chest pains and postponing my vacation twice and then putting it on a day by day hold.

In the middle of all this, I have taken a really deep look on all my business activities and determined what needs to change and what stays just as it is.

I have a lot of new programs to roll out so stay tune this Fall for some exciting times. I know some of you will jump aboard, some will team up and others offer some more opportunities for me to pursue.

If I wasn’t all excited about the changes coming and the support I have, these last couple weeks sure would have been tougher.

Although tired and a bit bitchy at times, we know where we are headed ??

Sure hope you do. If not, let’s talk !