Just a few key ideas not to lose site of these next few days as we all get busier and busier.

10) Don’t over commit. Easier said than done but… SLOW down. Spend some time reflecting.
9) Mend bridges. Now is the time to be with all those we love. Forgiveness will need to happen. We all are imperfect people. Start your mending with family!
8) Have gratitude. Reflect on this past week, this past month, the past year. We all have oodles to be thankful for. Write it down !
7) If you are Christian, remember the reason for the season. It is NOT all the commercialism we get wrapped up in !
6) If you own your own business, don’t quit !! Your competition will be coasting this next week. Take this opportunity to contact those tough to reach prospects.
5) Solidify and clarify your 2011 goals. You want to be crystal clear where you are headed on January 1st so you can hit the ground running !
4) Remember and enjoy childhood Christmas memories. They will make you smile.
3) Spend some extra time with family and enjoy their blessing. Have laser focused business activity so can accomplish this. Task management is the key.
2) Watch the little children at family gatherings. See how simple life is suppose to be. Listen to the dreams of these children flow easily and naturally.
1) Believe. Believe in Santa, yourself, your God, your family, your country, and your dreams.

Merry Christmas !