When did “thank you” disappear ? Where did it go ? Is it gone forever or just on vacation ?

Do people no longer say “thank you” when someone holds a door open for you, buys you a drink, a meal, let’s you in traffic during rush hour or any other random act of kindness ?

Has society become so hardend that we just grunt at these events ? We no longer thank Mom for a nice dinner, your spouse for picking up the kids so you can see the end of the football game, flowers for no reason, your son for bringing you a cup of coffee at 6 AM, or anyone who jumps in and cleans up after dinner ?

Really ?? Is that where we are ?? If it is, it’s  a very sad day.

Please tell me my fellow Detroiter’s are in a funk, with all the other people I run into as I travel about this great country of ours.

Tell me it’s a time warp, an attitude frozen in time that will go away real soon.

Tell me values, right and wrongs are still being taught in homes.

Tell me Mom & Dad still care how their kids behave .

Manors is not a foreign word in a foreign language.

Call out the CIA, NCIS, Dick Tracy, & Columbo.

Find “Thank-you”.

Call me when you do!