Geeezzz, a lot to squeeze into a title and a bunch of “stuff” going on. Lots going on in the world and in the world of Doug Evans. Everytime I have sat down to blog, something happened to pull me away. Life has been hectic but mostly good. World headlines keep my head spinning. There is a lot to talk about so I will offer just a few thoughts on a bunch of things.

.. I’ll stop blogging now about Uncle Bob since most folks had no thoughts or comments. The final chapter is Uncle Bob is home doing better, has a long road to go dispite health care providers best efforts to do him in !

.. The Vatican is a buzz over electing a new Pope. As an old Catholic boy, I hope God will give the conclave wisdom for a powerful new leader. The church has many problems to solve. I’ll go on record as opposing the first non-Catholic Pope being elected or appointed by Washington and against Michelle Obama announcing the new Pope on prime time television.

.. Drones being used to arbitrarily kill any U.S. citizen without due process. Totally against this unless I get to decide who –no one else. Careful in the Vatican, watch overhead.

.. Being leary of “pop tart” guns. I’m ok with this. Just take one more bite and Time Square will appear. Although, I am worried about the letter “L” if you turn it the wrong way it looks like a gun ! I suggest the new letter “%^” to replace it. “L” will then be now known as the letter formerly known as “L”. It worked for Prince !

.. I’d outlaw Florida maps. Turn it the wrong way and you get…. ??? I’m just worried some law maker may look at Kentucky and Virginia side by side on a map and outlaw what they think they see. Then… we are in BIG trouble !

..Good Detroit news–my son David was selected to play against some of the old Red Wing alumni. Great to see him on the ice with Mickey Redmond, Chris Osgood, Chris Draper, Igor Larionov, Dougie Brownov just to name a few!

.. Bad Detroit News-Anything JoAnn Watson says and that many think the emergency manager appointment is a white supremist plot against the city of Detroit. These comments and thoughts in 2013 is utter stupidity. Many still maintain the city is not in financial trouble. Wow !

Finally, relax! There is hope. St Patty’s Day is around the corner !