On my drive into the office today, I was having trouble seeing where I was going with my windshield wipers on “high”. Now mind you, there is nothing wrong with my eyesight–it was realy raining HARD !

I semi-focused off to the side of the expressway to see over 100 small shrubs being off loaded a step van for planting. 100 yards up was a pressurized”hose” truck spread gook that resembled top soil. Another 100 yards up another pressurized “hose” truck oozing brown peat moss gook.

Now mind you, I applaud hard work and I have worked in the rain before but this was blinding rain. This was rain where 99.9% of any other outdoor activity would be cancelled. Common sense would have entered in there somewhere.

The workers looking like wet rats weren’t the business owners. They probably were minimum wage workers, maybe even without a green card being billed to the State of Michigan for some big hourly wage that was funded by a bigger Federally funded grant.

Now you have to know how things are done around here. In Michigan we pull out ugly weeds and grass that is hardly ever maintained and replace them with new grass and shrubs and trees that look like a drunken sailor planted that won’t be maintained either. An oak tree here , a pine tree there, here a tree there a tree picking up a pay check!

Is Michigan unique or can you recognize this outstanding planning ?

The shrubs will slide down the hills, we will have some new gook of black and brown, have continued ugly freeways but we can say The State & Washington put up $$$ and put folks to work.

If it wasn’t for landscape projects like this, we would have to buy more orange barrells and start 50 more road projects(maybe we are more green?).Road projects that could be milked for 2-3 years before they fall apart and the same contactor gets paid to fix what they screwed up.

I’m so happy our tax dollars help fund fantastic programs like this !

Aren’t you ?

I’d love to hear if you can relate and what your thoughts are of those crazy taxpayer unlimited fund projects. Are they going on around you ??

Let me know !