Everyone I talk to is overwhelmed and darn near totally exhausted. No one has TIME.

Time is so very precious.

It seems we can never have enough. We are always looking for more !

My coaching clients consistently want help in this area.

They really want miracles.

They want to change absolutely nothing they are doing but find twice as much time as they now have.

Wish I had the power to grant that wish to everyone, especially ME !

Instead of being able to wave my Harry Potter wand, I offer them 10 tips to find more time when life offers you “too much”.

Here they are :

1) Let some stuff go -life has so much to offer, we are always reaching for more. Today, before you go to bed tonight, take 10 % of what you are now doing and let go. Make it disappear. If you “must” watch tv for 4 hours a night, drop one show and make it 3 hours. If you play golf 3 times a week and then driving range 2 more night, cut back today. If you always work right after the kids go to bed until your bedtime, chop of a half hour a day and relax, meditate, or read a good book.

2) Change your expectations. I don’t care what you have planned for today, you probably won’t get it all done. Everyone underestimates the time time they will need. We all assume optimum performance and 100 % cooperation from everyone. The real world just doesn’t work that way. Sorry !

3) Plan your day. Don’t react to what is thrown at you. Plan what you need to and want to get done each day. Plan if you can the night before. At a minimum start planning as your feet hit the floor in the morning as you enjoy that first cup of coffee !

4) Never have more than six tasks, 6 to do’s in front of you at any one time. The brain can’t handle any more than that. If you have more on your list–I guarantee stress is around the corner. Take your 6 from your brain dump and go from there. (Don’t know what a brain dump is or how to do it ? Drop me a note & I’ll tell you more).

5) Analyze your daily focus. If you have a hot project, goal, desire, look at the top 6 tasks we just talked about and see how they do or do not fit in the focus area you are chasing. If too many don’t fit in this area, re-evaluate and maybe shift your focus. Sometimes you can’t but it is always worth another look.

6) Plan some “chill” time. We all need to take a deep breath and unwind–each and everyday. Schedule 15-30 minutes minimum just to clear the fog everyday. It will let you be much more productive when you go back to work. Promise !

7) Get some fresh air. I don’t care how hot or cold it is–get outside for a few minutes everyday. I try to work outside when ever I can. Fresh air seems to make me much more productive. Some sunshine with that vitamin C beating upon you will work wonders.

8) Play some of your favorite music. Unless music just isn’t important to you, it has been proven music will reduce your stress and make you more productive.

9) Find multiple mentors. Constantly seek mentors in all areas of your life. I have or am seeking mentors for my business, my relationships, spiritual goals, woodcarving skills etc. You can spend money and hire a mentor, but the ones that have always worked best for me are folks that really, really care about you and mentor for free or at a very low cost. Now don’t get me wrong. Professional coaches and mentors can work wonders and are usually the place you have to start to see results, but when someone adopts you and truly wants to see you succeed, magic begins !

10) Find a “punching bag” buddy. Find someone you can complain to with no judgement. Someone you can be 105 % honest with. This buddy will hear how you feel, how bad your problems are effecting you, how you deep down inside feel and know your hopes, your dreams and your prayers. This is someone you need to meet with at least once a month-more often if possible.

Well folks, there are 10 ideas. I know you currently are not using them all. Start using those that you are not and tweak your current practices if you are “kinda’ following one of the tips.

If you have any questions, let me know !