Just expressing a little frustration today that I’m sure 85% of you have felt at one time or another. I have been trying to move my website from one host to another host. With that move, it made sense to add some updated information and enhance the site appearance and some needed house cleaning. This has been a struggle for about 2 months and continues today but I can see the transfer is getting VERY close.

This whole process just reminds me how dependent we are on technology. We can’t learn it all ourselves & have time to do what we want to do and/or do best. We need a team. We need a good team. Teams don’t move as  quick as we ever would like and we have to accept that and that is tough. To expedite things we never seem to get what we really want but get something that will work. Sometimes it turns out even better than we had planned.

What do you think ? What have you experienced ?

I’d love to hear from you and hear your story. !